My name is Peter Thoshinsky, a San Francisco native and a long time street photographer. I began photographing way back in 1977. This was me then. That shot was taken on Kodak TMAX film, which was "the film" back then. Thus the "tmaxphoto" thing. Here is an older me in this photo. I'm the one on the left.  After a thirty-one year career as a street cop in San Francisco I returned to the police department in 2015 as the very first San Francisco Police Department Civilian Historical Photographer. My primary goal is to capture "tomorrow's history today", using editorial photography to capture photos that will stand the test of time and enrich the community while maintaining a historic photographic record of the brave work performed by the men and woman of the SFPD.

When I'm not photographing for the SFPD I shoot editorial news for newswire distribution and local publication, with a focus on criminal justice and societal issues and struggles.


More of my work is here on my website,

Although my images are frequently shared copyright, this website, it's rants and writings, are solely mine and not that of the San Francisco Police Department.


My Thoughts on Street Photography, the Fuji X Trans System, and Firmware 4.0

July 05, 2015
"Three Plus One, Powell and Market, 2015" (Fuji X-T1) In a departure from my usual effort to stay away from gear talk, after getting "re-acquainted" with my Fuji X-T1 r...
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Android Camera Saves the Day

June 29, 2015
"Gentleman, Petaluma, 2015" Sure you always want to have a DSLR and a prime lens with you, but an Android picture beats no picture at all. On an aside, this images...
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Sunset, Bay Windows, Nob Hill

April 19, 2015
I took this back on Christmas at sunset. Winter evenings in San Francisco have beautiful warm light, with long glowing shadows that bath everyone and everything in an...
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Infrared West Marin #2

April 11, 2015
Infrared Roadway West Marin, California
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West Marin Infrared

April 07, 2015
Who needs a long winded explanation about why I haven't posted pictures in a while. Here's a short one. I had some new life adjustments to make in retirement. I'...
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Streets of San Francisco

November 13, 2014
"No Love Tenderloin California", 2014 "Peeking Into a Parallel Universe, Tenderloin, California", 2014 The place stands alone in my mind. Not San Francisco. The T...
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Smoker On Eddy Street

November 07, 2014
I spent some time in San Francisco's Tenderloin last evening and thought I'd share this photo. The neighborhood is much unchanged and remains a challenging and dangerous...
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Cameras Best When Used

November 03, 2014
Usually clubs with live performances don't allow photography. Visiting the Continental Club in Austin, Texas a few weeks ago I got lucky. Sticking by the old saying you d...
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The Paradise of New York Street Photography

October 17, 2014
I have been plugging away at street photography in San Francisco for a long time. Over the decades I have seen a growing lack of intolerance, and even outright indignatio...
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All Around Us

October 13, 2014
Time to get back to street photography ramblings and images. It's been a long time since my last post. 26,000 miles on a motorcycle to be exact. I put the camera away and...
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Infraed Images on Display McClaren Lodge

January 26, 2014
If you are in the neighborhood stop by the McClaren Lodge in Golden Gate Park where they have been kind enough to select three of my images for their new space. All three...
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New Project: People Are Pigeons Too

January 21, 2014
I'm doing a new project entitled "People Are Pigeons Too", a look at people and their environment explored via multiple exposure. I utilized this technique during Grant R...
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New Gallery Up at TMAXPHOTO.COM...Cops at the 'Stick

December 18, 2013
Thanks to the SFPD for letting me tag along at the 49er's vs. Seahawks game as part of a piece on "fan violence". This is a password protected gallery I put up so the co...
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New Gallery of Street Work Posted on

October 28, 2013
Go here to look at my new gallery of pictures taken on a recent trip to New York, London, and Paris. I photographed exclusively with the Fuji X Pro-1, leaving my entire C...
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Folsom Street Fair 2013

October 01, 2013
A small selection of Folsom Street Fair pictures. Click here or on the image to visit the gallery. The challenge with an event like this is bringing back something other...
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